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November 29, 2018

The Disruptors: Keller Lenkner Moves From Legal Finance To Practicing Law

The Tesla suit is one of a handful of inspired claims filed by Keller Lenkner in its first year in business. Others are the appeal of a claim that Uber misclassifies its drivers as independent contractors; and a lawsuit on behalf of classes of purchasers of health insurance, including businesses and individuals buying on the Affordable Care Act exchanges, against opioid manufacturers for flooding small towns throughout the Midwest with enough drugs to kill a hundred villages.

What Keller Lenkner brings to the plaintiff bar is deep legal analysis and unparalleled understanding of the quality of various cases and lawyers. Their potential impact on the future of plaintiff litigation is profound, not only because of their close ties to a transforming judiciary, but also their vision of bringing the next generation to the fore. Not in ten years. Today.

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