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February 2, 2021

Meet the Attorneys Helping Texas Take On Google

Law360 spoke to Keller Lenkner Partner Ashley Keller about our role in representing the State of Texas in its antitrust litigation against Google. The suit seeks to end Google’s monopolies and restore free competition to the advertising markets in which it operates.

The suit filed in December against Google in the Eastern District of Texas accuses Google of monopolizing key advertising markets and maintaining its market power by unlawfully agreeing not to compete with rival Facebook. Among other anticompetitive harms, Google’s monopolistic practices have robbed content providers of revenue, which decreases marginal investment in content creation. Said differently, users are getting worse content than they otherwise would, absent Google’s behavior. 

On the other side of the coin, advertisers have paid more for ads to reach their target audiences. Basic economic principles teach that higher costs to generate sales leads to higher prices to consumers.

According to Keller, the States in Texas’s suit are the only ones pursuing these theories to “vindicate the rights of flesh-and-blood, ordinary people.” We are deeply honored to join the incredible, dedicated professionals in Texas’s Office of the Attorney General. 

Learn more about our work and the significance of Texas’s claims at Law360.