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August 10, 2021

Law360 Pulse: Look Out BigLaw, This Plaintiffs’ Firm Is Hunting Top Talent

Law360 spoke with Keller Lenkner’s first summer associate, Fred Messner, about his experience at the firm and why law students should consider private practice on the plaintiffs’ side. Managing Partner Travis Lenkner joined Fred to discuss Keller Lenkner’s competing directly with BigLaw for talent, including from Ivy League and top-tier law schools:
As a rising 3L at Harvard Law School and founding board member of the Harvard Plaintiffs’ Law Association (HPLA), Fred’s goals for the future of the plaintiffs’ bar align with Keller Lenkner’s: to establish a plaintiff-side career path that offers the same level of opportunity and prestige as any defense firm. 
From Lenkner’s perspective: “There are a growing number of nationally prominent complex litigation plaintiffs’ firms where the type of work, the richness of the experience, the quality of the colleagues, the complexity of matters, all line up squarely with the type of experience someone would receive on the defense side, if not exceed it.”

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